Dillon Warnek has done a lot of things he doesn’t want to talk about. After the failure of his first book, “The Most Common Names Found in Millionaire’s Wills,” he spent time as a sideman. That brought him to stages all over the world with artists who are still recovering from the association. He claims to be a virtuoso accordionist, and no one has ever asked him to prove it.

In 2020, he released the six-song EP, “Fruit From Crooked Trees.”

Margo Price described him as “a songwriter’s songwriter, and some of his songs are too smart for the general population.” In 2021, Margo loaned Dillon her band and her vocals to record his debut album, “Now That It’s All Over.” Joseph Hudak from Rolling Stone wrote, “With lyrics so sharp and so clever, they make living hard and dropping dead sound like a blast.”

Dillon is wrapping up recording his second record, with tentative plans for a 2023 release. Then he’ll begin writing his second book, “You’re Not a Wizard Harry,” a reimagining of Harry Potter if Harry didn’t have magic and lived in Cleveland, Ohio.